Self Development

How to learn everything?

Remember the first time you noticed your nephew or niece playing and arranging blocks and grouping them in colours or shapes? Remember how amused you felt looking at how smart they were fitting in the right shapes of blocks? Well it happens to everyone of them. Every baby and child and even yourself when you were too young to remember. That’s how you learn. That’s how your parents felt how smart you were. But somehow… somewhere… we stopped. We were never interested anymore. We no longer get curious. We just stopped learning. And we blame our adulthood. We blame our priorities. We blame the lack of time we had. Well That was a choice we made. Everyone has the same number of hours a day. What matters at the end of the day is how well we spent it. 

What went wrong you may ask. You were not like this before. You were active once. Energetic. Strong. Well the good thing is that you are here reading this article right this moment because you know there’s something wrong. You are aware that you need to do something. You are aware you need change. Remember this, I want to tell you something. Be curious. Be curious about who is behind you after sitting for half an hour at the Coffeeshop. Be curious about how many steps you need to take to walk across the room. Be curious to know what is inside your bag that you tucked under your reading table weeks ago. They say curiosity killed the cat. But I say knowing and learning brings you satisfaction. Knowing brings you the sense of security you left behind years ago. When you are curious, you learn everything. Even Albert Einstein once said a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. I believe most successful people are those who made plenty of mistakes in their life and they never give up to make things better. Learning everything has its drawbacks however. No one can actually learn everything, but being curious is enough to get that engine mind going. It will make you want to find out more about something. Because the need to know will drive you to get up and start. I know it’s tiring. But it’s a choice. It’s a choice of doing. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. Set your priorities. Balance what you need to know. Pick up the right book. If you read miscellaneous contents, you end up being miscellaneous person yourself. Keep what is useful to you and browse and dump what’s not. It’s ok to smile and laugh at humour once a while. It’s healthy but not all the time. At the same time, do remember, you need to stay curious. Because your curiosity will not kill a cat but rather, it will keep you hungry to learn everything.