Hi there. Thank you for dropping by. If you are reading this, I believe you have been troubled with lots of things lately. I write mostly about self improvement and personal development. I was there once. In a mess. No directions and no clear visions. But soon I began to realise we are in a mess probably because we put ourselves there. Well, most of the time. I wanted to change but I was lost. These articles written are inspired by my life journeys, discoveries and experiences of my struggles to learn and understand the things and people around me. And I would like to share them with you. I hope I could do more for others. To help the people around me as how they have helped me. I learn from them as much as they learn from me. When you give something to the universe, the universe will return something back to you. That I believe. It’s true. 

This blog is to remind us that we are special. We are unique. Different. We don’t owe people our lives. No one should ever be affected or hurt by the words people said about you. It’s ok to cry now. It’s ok to feel lost and lonely. But remember this, you are never alone. Never let this fear take control of your life. At your darkest moment, close your eyes, breathe slowly and remain calm. Vision and see your mind like a garden. Give it good soil, feed it high grade fertilisers and enough water and sunlight. You see, if you put good things to your plant in your garden, you will get healthy plants and nice pretty flowers. That is exactly your mind. Think of it that way. Your mind is your garden. Make it grow beautifully. 

Anyway, thank you for stopping by to read my articles. Some may not like it but if you think it is useful, or it might help others or someone out there troubled, do support my motive and share my articles. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to engage me for public speaking. I do speak for non profit events as well. 

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